The Vision

"My vision is a dream of creating timeless, African inspired contemporary designs, of crafting world class accessories, of sourcing from throughout the continent; building bridges and collaborations, and ultimately building a truly and uniquely African luxury brand. My inspiration remains the cultural kaleidoscope, diverse landscapes and rich heritage of Africa."

Anna Getaneh is the founder and creative soul of African Mosaique. Her vision is focused on three elements: sourcing, manufacturing, and developing talent in Africa. A fashion-cultural enthusiast, designer, humanitarian and acclaimed former international model, from her base in Paris and New York City, her modeling career spanned close to ten years. After having lived and trained all around the work, Anna returned home to Ethiopia to start the African Mosaique Design Center and Manufacturing Hub, where she continues to design, promote and provide mentorship.

Anna’s hallmark is her passion about children and development. She has done global advocacy work, and most notably, she has spearheaded the establishment of the ECF Children’s Fund.


" one of celebration, imagination and continental integration."

The Story of African Mosaique is one of celebration, imagination and continental integration. It is about the conception of a collective culture, casting a spotlight on African talent and inspiration while developing and showcasing world class African Sourced, Designed and Developed products.

African Mosaique, AM is an Africa-based fashion and design company that aims to promote manufacturing and export of African sourced and manufactured clothing, textile, accessories, and fashion to local, regional and international markets. African Mosaique was also created to play a lead role in unlocking Africa’s potential in the fashion industry.

Based in Ethiopia, and operational in the Legetafo area on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It has built a fully integrated design centre and manufacturing hub for itself and other small and medium sized designers. The company employs mostly women, many who are young trainees and from low-income segments.

In addition services offered range from space for small operations specializing in sample making to high-end ready-to-wear apparel, to a research-and-development center focused on traditional craftsmanship, an innovation center to a workforce development center, with a second branch opening in city of Bahr Dar.

Our Journey

African Mosaique was created and launched to play a lead role in unlocking Africa’s potential in the creative industry of fashion. We aim to grow the company and provide significant benefits to the African economy by monetizing the value of tradition, history, heritage and creativity that has remained widely untapped despite the availability of raw materials and talented designers and craftsmen.

Furthermore, and as part of our mission, we feel strongly about the need to preserve, nurture and promote local traditions that define our identity and that tell our story. Consumer markets are increasingly looking for stories and for the origins of the products they purchase. The African Mosaique business model and value proposition would deter away from the traditional outsourcing to low-cost labor-Africa story, to a story where African entrepreneurs combined their resources to build a leading international fashion brand and network with Ethiopia as the launch pad and regional hub.

We understand, designers across Africa face similar constraints: lack of institutional support, of proper training institutes, of sustainable sourcing of raw material, of hard and soft equipment, and of a proper understanding of the consumer wants and norms. Furthermore, African designers often lack the resources to develop retail presence and distribution capabilities in key consumer markets.

It is on this premise that African Mosaique built the required infrastructure to address the key pain points of Africa’s apparel industry. By building an integrated industrial production and training unit in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Abeba, with a branch in Bahr Dar, e-commerce capabilities soon to begin, retail points in select African countries, African Mosaique has spearheaded the growth of a movement and conceived a framework that can be used to deliver impact in the fashion industry.